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How and Where To Get Fish For Stocking

Posted by Maryann Atwell on Sep 6, 2017 2:09:52 PM

There are two ways to obtain fish for your warmwater pond-- purchase them from a registered aquaculture facility (live fish dealer), or catch them and plant them yourself. Obtaining them from a registered aquaculture facility is easiest, most economical ans safest in the long run because you can get them at just about any time ans in the number needed. A list of registered Michigan fish farms can be obtained from the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Animal Industry Division or Michigan DNR Fish Division Office. 

Contact your local DNR Fish Division office to see whether a permit for stocking is required. One will be needed if the waters are considered State waters or if certain other conditions apply., 

If you choose to catch your own fish to stock your pond, be sure they are free of unwanted parasites and in good condition. The stress from catching the fish, holding them in a cooler or on a stringer, and transporting them to your pond could make the fish unsuitable for stocking. You might obtain them from someone else's pond or from public waters. In the latter case, you must adhere to all state fishing laws.This means you must have a fishing license and abide by the regulations governing season, bag limits and size limits. For these and other regulations, especially those governing the use of seines and nets, consult the " Michigan Fishing Guide," the DNR's annual statement of regulations, available where licenses are sold.



Managing Michigan Ponds For Sports Fishing, John D Schrouder "et al." (2002)


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Is a Liner right for you?

Posted by Maryann Atwell on Aug 1, 2017 8:55:35 AM

When determining if a liner is the best option for you, some considerations should be made:


1. Existing water – Many ponds retain some water; however, we do not recommend lining a pond that contains more than 25% of its fill capacity for any extended period of time. If your pond is more than 25% full and you want to use a liner, you would need to drain the pond before laying the liner or put at least 2' of soil atop the liner.


2. Pond size – Measuring your pond is best accomplished using a flexible tape measure (available at local hardware stores). Stretch the tape measure from waterline to waterline allowing the tape to contour the pond's bottom. In general, we recommend adding an additional 15' to 20' to this number to make up for the liner settling and the anchoring trench. When doing the installation, the anchor trench will hold the additional liner and keep it secure; it is located 5' from the pond's edge.


3. Slope – Steep slopes can put too much stress on a liner and cause premature wear. Both PVC and RPE liners are designed to be used in ponds no steeper than a 3:1. For example, in a pond that has a 3:1 slope, if you drew an imaginary 3' horizontal line from the pond's edge, the pond would be 1' deep at the end of your line.







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Fish Magnet

Posted by Maryann Atwell on Jun 2, 2017 3:52:57 PM

If your goal is to attract and catch big fish like big crappie, big bass, and even big catfish, then this is what you’re looking for!

The Big Fish Magnet is unique in that it has 24 flexible snag free branches made from recycled material. The Big Fish Magnet provides great cover for medium and large fish. Algae growth occurs rapidly due to the bark like texture of the limbs.

Features Include:

  • Can hang from a dock or pier vertically.
  • Can also place it on the bottom of a lake or pond horizontally.
  • Manufactured in the U.S. and made from recycled plastic for a true “green” feel.
  • Promotes algae and phytoplankton growth.
  • Great in all depths – from 6′ up to 20 or 30 feet.
  • Comes packaged in a UPS or Fedex shippable box to your doorstep.
  • Great when you combine 3 or 4 of these together and create a long-lasting brush pile of protective habitat!
  • Easy to assemble – comes with mounting cables so you can attach to your dock, pier or concrete blocks.

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