Do you have a neighborhood pond or lake that has become an eyesore due to poor maintenance? Did you have a water feature installed as part of your home’s decorative landscape that you cannot seem to keep algae free? Does the fountain in front of your office building have an unpleasant odor or color?

If so, then call Schlicht Pond's today, We offer pond maintenance services for small ponds and lakes, fountains, and other water features. With our pond maintenance services, we can resolve any existing problems and design a regular maintenance schedule to prevent future problems and keep your water blue and clean throughout the summer months and the entire year. With our pond maintenance services, we utilize a variety of products to help you achieve the results that you desire.

Our Pond Maintenance Services

With our pond maintenance service, we can clean and maintain everything from small koi ponds and private water features to commercial or neighborhood fountains or lakes. Whether your pond or lake has become overgrown with algae or you would simply like to prevent major problems with regular pond maintenance services, we can help. As an experienced landscaping company, we can develop a special pond maintenance program that will help keep your pond, lake, or other water features clean and algae free.

Our pond maintenance services include:

  • Lake and Pond Maintenance for Subdivisions & Neighborhoods
  • Commercial Pond Maintenance Service for Lakes, Ponds, and Fountains

Keeping Your Lake or Pond Clean with Regular Pond Maintenance

Large lake clean up can be a daunting task for homeowners, subdivisions, neighborhood associations, and office park managers. This task is especially difficult because some aquatic plant species are able to multiply at incredible rates, making it nearly impossible to completely remove them manually. With the pond maintenance services from Schlicht ponds, we can help address major algae and other plant overgrowth problems by using a combination of manually removing plants and algae while also utilizing chemical treatments to curtail growth. Because we have experience performing pond maintenance services and working with a variety of pond chemicals for ponds and lakes of all sizes, we can ensure that there is no unwanted fish kill off or pollution of the water, which can result in unwanted odors.

Preventing Future Pond Problems with Fountains & Aeration Systems

One of the best ways to help reduce maintenance expenses and prevent future problems in your lake or pond is with the installation of a fountain or aeration system, and in most cases, the use of a fountain or aeration system in combination with regular chemical treatments can drastically improve any lake or pond. By keeping the water moving in your lake or pond with an aeration system or fountain, it will maintain proper oxygen levels throughout the lake, preventing temperature changes from causing the lake to turn over and result in oxygen depletion at the bottom of the lake.

  • Aeration systems use a compressor at the shoreline to force oxygen to the lower points of the lake, encouraging the proper balance and spread of oxygen throughout the lake.
  • Fountains encourage proper oxygen balance by pulling water from the bottom of the lake and moving it to the surface. This then pushes the oxygen rich top water to the bottom of the lake.

At Schlicht Pond's, we can help you learn more about either of these systems, help you choose the best solution to ensure that your lake or pond remains healthy and clean, and complete the installation process of your new system in your lake or pond.