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Pond Fountains

Posted by Scott Schlciht on Apr 14, 2010 9:52:00 AM


The most important factor in ensuring successful pond management is proper aeration.  Pond aerators provide aeration by agitating the surface of the pond, pulling water up from below and pushing it into the air, producing a large crown of water that saturates with oxygen, then delivers it back into the pond.  Proper use of aerators prevents fish stress and mortality, reduces feed costs, removes carbon dioxide and ammonia, and prevents algae growth.


Pond Fountains:

A pond fountain is the perfect solution when the appearance of your pond is just as important as water quality.  Similar to aerators, a pond fountain will increase oxygen levels and circulate water by pulling water up from below and pushing it into the air with the added feature of an appealing V-shaped display.  A pond fountain not only creates an attractive, relaxing atmosphere, but is also a natural, environmentally safe and cost-efficient way to improve the water quality of your pond lake or water garden without the need for chemicals.

Water Circulators:

The function of a water circulator is to create a directional water flow in your pond or lake to move stagnant water.   The movement mixes and agitates the water, spreading oxygenated water, eliminating stagnant areas, and mixing thermally and chemically stratified water.  Applications for a water circulator range from keeping debris from accumulating around docks and marinas, reducing unwanted aquatic plant growth and inhibiting mosquito reproduction, limiting the negative affects of spring and fall turnover, and even extending water fowl hunting seasons by keeping an area of water from freezing over.

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