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Muskrat damage to pond ( how to get rid of)


The muskrat (Ondatra zibethica) is not actually a rat, but is classified as a rodent because of its teeth: four large, yellowish incisors in the front of its mouth. They strive on cat tails and because of this an over grown pond is a paradise for the rodents. This causes conflict between man and rodent. These creatures can be a huge annoyance when they tunnel in your banks and create tunnels for your water to seep pout, and to mention the erosion on the bank that eventually washes into the pond.

Muskrats are in your pond because of a food source. Their diet is a vegetation composed of cattails, water lilies, sedges, and pond weeds, then you may want to get rid of these with a pond clean out. You can try some chemicals or the old fashion way by hand. This is the sure way to get rid of the animals they will seek a more neutral pond elsewhere.

Trapping, is another way to get rid of these muskrats. Trapping muskrat is a very effective way to remove them from your property. Muskrat repellents and electronic device may be marginal. Trapping may be the cheapest route. Call us at for your trapping needs. In some cases trapping is free of charge depending on the area.

Rip rap the inside of the pond's dam with rocks or cover it with vinyl-coated welded wire. Rocks should be flat and closely-fitted. The rock layer must be at least 8" thick, extending 3 ft. below and 1 ft. above the normal water line. If muskrats are traveling from the pond to feed infields or gardens, fence those areas. A pond aeration or fountain system will also stir up, which the muskrats do not like it will also prevent weed growth.


The funniest thing is just before i found this website my wife and i were discussing how do our preventive maintnece now that we have rid our muskrat Trapping $12 6 traps. and we decided to use rock. if you ohave a weekend go to a feild and look around youll find all the rocks you need. I found enough to line my 4,000 gal pond in one weekend at a new neighborhood they dont mind your doing the work for them sometimes they even have a pile already.
Posted @ Sunday, January 09, 2011 1:33 PM by nick
We live in Bridgeton , NJ. We have an acre devoted to a wildlife habitat. On about an eighth of the land we put in a vernal pond as it is on a low area where a swail runs through . Even though this pond dries out throughout the year , we have musk rats ! They are digging holes all around the bank . So they like our vegetation so much that they don't care if the ponds dry out ? Our dog dug one up that was hibernating and killed it. pretty sad. but now it looks like there are many out there. What is also bothering me is that we have no peepers this year !!!! Could this be caused by the muskrats ? This is a major bummer. We really don't have spare $ to buy traps , and hardly the time to put out an electric pump,and it's gross to let our dog kill them . What can we do ?
Posted @ Monday, April 04, 2011 3:32 PM by helen
We have discovered a muskrat or two that have arrived in our dugout right by the house. This dugout is full of trout and we don't use chemicals. Any thoughts?
Posted @ Tuesday, April 30, 2013 8:06 AM by Dawn
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Posted @ Wednesday, February 11, 2015 6:35 AM by Joan keeley
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